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We have given away all of the eclipse glasses.  Thank you to all who came to see us and we hope you enjoy the eclipse!  Next one is 2024!


General Nutrition Center Mansfield Towne Crossing is pleased to be able to provide eclipse Sun Catcher glasses to those interested in viewing the eclipse on August 21, 2017.  The 75% partial eclipse will begin at 11:40am and extend to 2:39pm with the maximum eclipse at 1:09pm. 

It is very important that safe viewing of the sun and the partial eclipse is only done with eclipse glasses with an ISO 12312-2 rating.  Sun Catcher glasses from Explore Scientific are fully rated and safe for eclipse viewing.  All information about the company, their glasses, and telescopes may be found at

GNC Mansfield Towne Crossing located at the Target Center by Debbie Lane and Highway 287 has limited quantities of glasses available free one pair per person per $10 or greater purchase while supplies last.  Explore Scientific is now sold out of glasses so no rain checks.

This year’s eclipse is a major scientific event that offers a unique opportunity to see our universe in action.  GNC Mansfield Towne Crossing is happy to help you enjoy this event so please come and get your free glasses while they are available!

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