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KEYS FOR A HEALTHY, ENERGETIC SUMMER. Make the most of the next few months by staying motivated and energized! Caffeine, vitamins, protein and fiber are the keys to help. Keep these tips in mind as you build your best summer ever.

3 Hot Ways To Have A Healthy, Energetic Summer

Living well means getting more out of summer. How can you make the most of the next few months? By staying motivated and energized! These sun-soaked days don’t last forever—so ramp up your energy to head to the farmer’s market, plan that road trip or settle into a staycation with a few key ingredients!


Whether you start your day with a coffee, tea or cappuccino, you have caffeine to thank for breaking through your morning fog. Caffeine can help support mental alertness and help in the performance of cognitive tasks and reaction time. If coffee doesn’t cut it for you, you can also try caffeine-containing supplements. Some dietary supplements designed to support your other wellness goals also offer an energy formula—so you don’t have to worry about missing out on nutrients that are already part of your regimen.


You may know that vitamin B-12 is essential for energy production and found in foods like eggs, dairy, cheese and chicken—but did you know that iron is important, too? Found in seafood, beef and dark green veggies, iron is also involved in energy utilization.

This summer, forget about keeping up with the Joneses. Keep up with your goals and support your energy levels with a multivitamin or a targeted B12 supplement. And, just as some supplements meant to support your wellness goals offer an energy blend, some multivitamins and probiotics do, too.


When temperatures are rising, ice cream and cold, sugary treats can start to sound super tempting. Stay on track by forbidding yourself to get too hungry. Keep healthy, protein-packed snacks on hand, like ready-to-drink shakes and meal replacement bars that also feature fiber. While some supplements are formulated specifically to support your diet goals, like Total Lean® Hunger Support, you may still want to consider incorporating them into a regimen completed with an energy supplement to help fuel your most challenging days.

Making sure you include these ingredients in your daily diet will help support the energy and motivation you need to soak up the sun—and all the healthy benefits—this summer has to offer!

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