A container of Beyond Raw Macros meal supplement powder sits on a prep table with bananas, coconuts and beef, eggs and chicken.


“Eat more whole foods.” It pops up in your news feed. You hear it on TV. Maybe someone mentioned it in the gym. It’s a common recommendation from nutrition and fitness experts, but putting it into practice isn’t so easy—especially if you’re looking for protein powders and meal replacements. Whether you’re feeding your obsession with results or just need to avoid soy-, dairy- or whey-based foods, here’s the scoop on the solution you’ve been waiting for.

Beyond Raw® Macros is a whole-food-based meal supplement that combines the protein, fat and carbohydrate macronutrients you’d want in a balanced meal with key vitamin and mineral micronutrients. Macros’ versatility doesn’t stop with its ingredients: its powdered form makes it ideal for post-workout recovery at home, in the gym or on the go. Let’s examine how:

Chickpeas and skinless chicken in a glass dish are on a cutting board for prep.


If you’re actively following nutrition trends, you know incorporating more plant-based foods in your eating plan is recommended by many leading health experts. The whole-food protein blend in Macros combines the plant protein from peas, brown rice, chickpeas and quinoa powder with animal protein found in beef, chicken and egg. That’s 40 total grams of lean protein in each 2-scoop serving.

A bowl of bright green string beans sits on a countertop.


If just hearing “carbs” make you cringe, you still might want to listen up. Complex carbohydrates are part of the foundation that fuels many healthy diets. They include a wide variety of foods: from whole grains and legumes, to fruits and vegetables. The complex carb blend in Macros incorporates all of these, providing over 10 sources of grains, fruits and veggies.

A coconut similar to the ones used to source Macros MCT oil is split in half to show its white interior.


Healthy fats are part of a healthy diet, too. Eating low fat—or trying to avoid it altogether—isn’t necessarily going to help you achieve the health or fitness goals you’re working towards. The dietary fats blend in Macros combines the healthy fats from flaxseed powder with MCT oil sourced from coconut.

Your goals, just like your needs, are unique. If you’re looking for a versatile, high-quality meal supplement—especially one that doesn’t contain any soy, dairy or whey—Beyond Raw Macros is an ideal choice for you. Living well starts with eating well.

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