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Methodist Mansfield Medical Center's Vice President and CNO Nora Frasier DNP, RN, FACHE, NEA-BC an esteemed nursing leader, has been honored as a fellow in the prestigious American Organization for Nursing Leadership (AONL) 2024 Class of Fellows. This esteemed designation, FAONL, recognizes Nora's sustained and exceptional contributions to nursing leadership, her unwavering commitment to service, and her profound influence in shaping the landscape of healthcare.

The AONL Fellow designation stands as a testament to Nora's relentless dedication to advancing nursing leadership and fostering innovation in healthcare. Nora's visionary leadership and significant impact on nursing administration and management have earned her this esteemed recognition.

Throughout her career, Nora has demonstrated unparalleled dedication to advancing nursing practice, advocating for legislative issues, and promoting a culture of excellence. Her remarkable achievements including pioneering leadership in the development of authentic leadership programs for nurse managers, driving the successful establishment of a new traditional BSN program, and spearheading patient experience initiatives that have significantly elevated hospital satisfaction scores.

Nora's commitment extends beyond the hospital walls, actively engaging with various nursing groups, community organizations, and educational institutions. Her instrumental roles in regional and statewide committees and professional organizations, alongside her involvement with philanthropic entities such as the American Red Cross and local school districts, showcase her multifaced contributions to the wider healthcare community.

"Nora Frasier's induction as a Fellow in the American Organizations for Nursing Leadership's 2024 Class is a testament to her unwavering dedication, exceptional leadership, and profound influence in shaping healthcare," said Methodist Mansfield Medical Center President Juan Fresquez, Jr. "I am extremely proud of Nora for her visionary initiatives, commitment to education, and community engagement exemplify the true spirit of nursing leadership."

As a Fellow of AONL, Nora Frasier joins an elite cadre of nursing leaders committed to advancing the nursing profession and driving positive change in healthcare.