Domestic Violence – Washington State

Domestic Violence in Western Washington is not in-and-of-itself a crime – it is a reference to a threat, robbery, child abuse, spousal abuse, or other “criminal act” committed by one member of a household, or family member, against another member of a household, or family member. For example, domestic violence assault (DV Assault) is an “assault” committed against a person’s family or household member; it can be as simple as a push or as severe as spousal rape.

A Family and/or household member includes:

Persons who are now, or have been in the past, married or live together;
Persons who have been, or are presently, dating;
Persons who have a child in common;
A parent, or a child;
A step-parent, or a step-child;
A grandparent, or a grandchild (including a step-grandparent); and
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