Give Yourself Compassion in the New Year

Mansfield BubbleLife iReporter 1/15 1:02A Diane Feffer
Some workdays we encounter difficulties.  Why is it that during those difficult times, it's hard for us to give ourselves the kindness that we would so easily give a friend.   Practicing...

Merry Christmas from GNC Mansfield

Mansfield BubbleLife iReporter 12/22 11:02P Mike Snow
STUFF THEIR INBOX WITH GNC GIFT CARDS From Supplements to Apparel, Theres Something On Everyones List.

Supporting Yourself with Kindness

Mansfield BubbleLife iReporter 12/6 10:33A Diane Feffer
Quite often we extend compassion to a friend when that person has experienced disappointment.   Why is it that we're harder on ourselves when we experience a negative outcome in life?  Why is it so...

Bringing Home a New Baby During the Pandemic

Mansfield BubbleLife iReporter 12/2 11:02P Jamie Spence
You  have a new baby ! Its an exciting time in your life! There is much reason to celebrate, even in the midst of a pandemic. Bringing your little one home from the hospital can feel overwhelming even...
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